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Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (EEE) markets different types of high quality, reasonably priced infrastructure equipment. The vast array of machinery and apparatus sold by the company caters to all the needs of organizations and individuals involved in the construction business.

The prominent products of Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (EEE) include Tower Cranes, Passenger Hoists, Material Hoists, Anti-Collision Devices, Construction Platforms and Video Monitoring Systems. In addition to this Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (EEE) also deals with Crane boom camera systems, Tower crane camera system, Crane hoist camera and Mobile crane camera.

Our product repertoire is suitable for all kinds of infrastructure development including Dams, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Cement Plants and High Rise Buildings.

Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (EEE) sells heavy tower cranes (luffing, flat top and top kit) as well as gantry cranes (truss and box type). The cranes are equipped with numerous important features and have a varied capacity and Tip Load. The capacity of the luffing tower cranes ranges from 24t to 160t and the tip load ranges from 5t @ 60m to 46.5t @ 60m.  A Likewise the flat top tower cranes have different dimensions ranging between 24t (JIB 50/60/70m) to 125t capacity (JIB 60/70/80m)

Our company offers close to 15 different models of gantry cranes. The basic model MDG10 has the main hook capacity of 10t and a 32m span. The FHMG400 model has the maximum capacity of 400t and an aux hook of 75t.

At Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (EEE), there is no dearth of variety of passenger hoists, material hoists or construction platforms. We have just about every kind of equipment that a client would need during construction. The passenger hoist capacity ranges from 1.2t (speed 36m/min) to 3.2t (speed 63m/min). The Hoists are capable of reaching a height of 550m irrespective of the model.

The anti-collision devices manufactured by EEE are compatible with all types and models of tower cranes. The device, also used as a safe load indicator, has the potency to provide a clear visual representation of all buildings, other the equipment and even trees in the vicinity of the tower crane. Since the crane operator is aware of the surroundings, the chances of collision are minimized. The anti-collision devices are equipped with, among other things, a high-performance microsystem and wireless radio communication system.

The expertise of EEE extends to providing and installing spare parts and rendering immaculate services through AMC contracts.

The gamut of our after sales support includes operational training to clients and onsite support. We also provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use manual to our clients to increase the usability and convenience of our products.