Anti Collision Devices



Anti Collision and zone protection device can be easily installed with any make or model tower crane. The same device can also be used as safe load indicator.

This system provides a clear visual position to the crane operator about all the installed cranes, structures, towers and even trees as programmed around it by which the collision/accidents will be avoided.

The CXT 90-IIB system includes high-performance micro processor, Software, wireless radio communication system and sensors to deliver accurate communication, data analysis, control, braking and data storage features. Touch Screen Monitor makes the installation and site setup simple.



Advanced ground monitoring system:- Through this the basic setup such as tower crane data, prohibited zone, obstacle, site boundary height changes… etc can be configured/changed and uploaded to all cranes simultaneously by wireless communication system. The site personnel need not climb individual cranes to execute site changes such as crane height increase, zone protection etc.

Safe Load Indicators – SLI

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